As Executive Director of Project IDA, Peter Davis manages an international seismographic network with 41 stations in 26 countries worldwide.  This position involves overseeing scientific issues and maintaining good working relations with research-sponsoring agencies and the university research community. From 1993-97, Dr Davis served Project IDA as Director of the IDA Data Collection Center at Scripps before assuming his present duties.

Before joining SIO, he was employed by Teledyne Geotech from 1989-1993 as a Senior Research Geophysicist as part of a software development team under contract to DARPA to support nuclear test-ban treaty verification research.  Prior to his employment at Teledyne,  Dr. Davis held two postdoctoral appointments:  one at the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Terrestrial Magnetism from 1986-87 and a second as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the Graefenberg Seismic Array in Erlangen, Germany, from 1988-89.